What is the ACADME Certification?

Agencies Certification of Advanced Digital Marketing Expertise (ACADME)

The ACADME Certification is designed specifically to upskill digital marketers working for agencies. As an agency, having a team of ACADME certified digital mar-keters means you’ll be better able to serve your clients and distinguish your business from your competitors’.

How is the ACADME Certification awarded? The ACADME certifications verify, not just up-to-date knowledge, but a real-world practical ability to drive successful marketing campaigns.

ACADME competencies are based on real-world indus-try examples from hundreds of digital marketing cam-paign scenarios.Exams last between 60-120 minutes and are written by highly experienced industry profes-sionals, thought-leaders, authors and consultants. The questions and scenarios are peer-reviewed frequently. Students’ answers and skills are evaluated and verified by ACADME staff before the certification is awarded.

Online facilitation, delivery and proctoring We use a highly reputable online Learning Management System (LMS) for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of the ACADME exams. We use a remote proctoring service for secure online exam delivery and identity verification. This uses any standard webcam with internet connection. It is 100%-secure, private and compliant with GDPR and Data Protection laws.

Agencies Certification of Advanced Digital Marketing Expertise (ACADME)
Professor Mike Winston
Message by Dean

Founded University of Phoenix in 1976 in response to the changing needs of the workplace. It was part of his commitment to provide adults with the higher education they would need to fill those needs and for forty years, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Professor Mike Winston
Dean of University Collage

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